About Us

Madison Farmers Elevator Company is a grain and feed cooperative, which means it is a business that is farmer-owned. We are also a co-parent company to Farmers Ag Center (chemical, fertilizer, seed company) in Madison with F&M Coop Oil Company (Bulk Fuels, Propane, Gas Station, and Shop Tire Service). The purpose of our cooperative is to supply customers with the best products, marketing assistance, and competitive services. Profits, which in our industry are known as "savings" (i.e. money left over each year after the costs of doing business are met), are returned to the customers through patronage dividends. A portion is paid in cash to the patrons, and a portion is retained for the patrons as determined by the Board of Directors. The member-owners elect a Board of Directors to represent the company in overseeing the operations and help establish policies.

We believe it is important to deliver services and products in such a way that our customers will be happy and satisifed. To accomplish this belief, it is important to have a strong team effort, which is derived from a group of employees who are knowledgeable, self-driven, skilled, and positive.

Madison Farmers Elevator Company has two locations: Madison, SD and Ramona, SD. The company was established in 1908 and the fiscal year ends December 31st.

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